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Providing Long-Term Energy Savings

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What Are Hydraulic Bladder Accumulators 

Welltrol Accumulators in Beaumont, Texas manufactures hydraulic bladder accumulators, which are the hydraulic equivalents of a spring in that they stores energy and dampen an impulse or force. Storage of an incompressible, high-pressure hydraulic fluid is accomplished through the use of compressed nitrogen gas in an elastomeric bladder enclosed in a high-strength steel pressure vessel.

The nitrogen gas is pre-charged to a percentage of the maximum desired hydraulic pressure, and as the hydraulic fluid is pumped into the accumulator, the gas compresses as pressure is increased. Upon demand from the hydraulic system, the stored hydraulic energy allows for rapid discharge or absorption of pressure impulses.


  • Energy and Pump Maintenance Savings: Reduction of Pump Capacity Requirements, Which Provide Long-Term Energy Savings and Lower Pump Maintenance Costs
  • Surge Control and Shock Absorbers: Pulsation Dampening and Noise Reduction Caused By Pumps and “Water Hammer”
  • Eliminate Sudden Pressure Drops: Maintain Constant Pressure on A Hydraulic System Such as a Press Line Where Multiple Presses Are Opened and Closed at Different Times
  • Thermal Expansion: Compensates for Pressure Variations Caused By Temperature Changes Within a Hydraulic Circuit
  • Emergency Back-Up and Safety Failsafe: Provides Stored Fluid Power for Operation of Hydraulic Equipment Power Failure 


  • More Than 40 Years of Proven Reliability
  • Cannot Be Disassembled Under Pressure
  • Bladder: Standard rubber compounds are nitrile and cold weather nitrile other elastomers are available by special order. Genuine Welltrol Accumulators Hydraulics Bladders are manufactured in the USA using our tooling and proprietary manufacturing processes.
  • Shell: Chrome-Moly steel per SA 372 Gr E Cl 70, seamless non-welded, pressure tested to 1.5 times working pressure per ASME BandPV Code Section VIII Div 1, serialized and "U" stamped by ASME authorized inspector. U-1A certification provided as standard service.
  • Port Assembly: Standard fluid ports 1-1/4”NPT, 2” NPT and #24 SAE, machined from alloy steel and coated for corrosion prevention. Other port types and materials are offered by special order.

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